The Washington Examiner Bolsters Its Position as Second-Most Trafficked

US Conservative Website with Huge Year-Over-Year Gains in April

 May 31, 2019, New York, NY – For the fourth consecutive month, The Washington Examiner registered significant increases in year-over-year (YOY) unique visitors, according to TheRighting’s exclusive analysis of traffic to conservative websites using Comscore data.  In April, traffic jumped 135% compared to April 2018, a gain of 5.2 million unique visitors.  The surge helped the Washington Examiner continue its reign as the second-most trafficked US conservative website in April.

 “The rise of The Washington Examiner continues to be a trend worth watching,” said Howard Polskin, President and Chief Curator, TheRighting.  “As their audience footprint increases, the Examiner’s influence will continue to grow and extend beyond the borders of conservative media.” 

 TheRighting’s analysis revealed continued audience erosion at Breitbart.  In April, the right-wing news site experienced a 30% drop in unique visitors compared to 2018.  It was the eighth consecutive month of declining visits, making Breitbart the seventh most trafficked conservative website in April. attracted 8.5 million more YOY unique visitors in April 2019.  It was the fifth consecutive month of audience gains and the site easily ranked as the leading conservative website for the month. 

 Among leading mainstream media brands, CNN and The New York Times brand posted modest YOY growth in unique visitors, at 1.6% and 2% respectively.  The Washington Post drooped 6% in April 

 Leaders and Laggards Among Top 20 Conservative Websites for April 2019

(by unique visitor percentage increase/decrease from year ago)


·      The Washington Examiner (135%)

·      TheBlaze (+116%)

·      The Washington Times (+60%)


·      The Federalist (-49%)

·      Townhall (-42%)

·      Breitbart (-30%)


 Each month, TheRighting examines Comscore data on dozens of prominent conservative websites that post original content.  TheRighting ranks the top 20 conservative websites on the basis of unique visitors and also provides data on whether unique visitors have increased or decreased year over year.  That information is posted on the Metrics section of TheRighting’s website. (See April 2019 metrics here.)

 TheRighting also publishes an A-Z Guide to Right-Wing Media  on its website and updates it regularly.  The guide features descriptions about prominent right-wing media websites.

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