Announcing TheRighting, Content Company That Spotlights Influential Stories from Right-Wing Media

Provides Links to Writing That Inform and Enlighten  Mainstream Audiences About the Right

September 18, 2017, New York, NY – TheRighting, a content company dedicated to following major right-wing media outlets on a daily basis, launched today.  Howard Polskin, the company’s founder, president and chief curator, announced that TheRighting would aggregate noteworthy articles, op-eds and transcripts from the right and far right, and publish every weekday morning. 

Each story cited by TheRighting will include a headline linked to the original source material, and a brief one-to-three-sentence abstract.  There will be at least 10 stories flagged every day.

“TheRighting is designed for audiences who want to understand the right, but don’t have the time or inclination to visit multiple right-wing media outlets every day,” said Polskin.  “These media outlets shape and reflect the political opinions, values and fears of a significant swath of the country; a swath so large and engaged that it helped propel Donald Trump to victory in November 2016.” 

TheRighting features:

·      A daily aggregation (Monday-Friday) of top stories and transcripts from leading right-wing media outlets including Breitbart, Infowars, The Daily Caller, The Washington Free Beacon,, Newmax, TheBlaze,  LifeZette, NewsBusters, PJ Media, Conservative Review, Rassmussen Reports and The Rush Limbaugh Show. 

·      An A-Z guide to ring-wing media including thumbnail descriptions of each outlet.

·      A free daily enewsletter sent to subscriber inboxes every morning.