Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton Spark

Surprising Reactions from Right-Wing Websites

 August 5, 2019, New York, NY – Commentary from right-wing websites offered a full spectrum of opinions about the causes, blame and solutions for the epidemic of mass shootings that has stricken the country.  The New York Post, usually a reliable supporter of Trump and his positions, published a surprising page one editorial calling for a ban on assault weapons now.  On his website, Bill O’Reilly predicted that Congress will introduce bills limiting Americans from buying high caliber weapons and that President Trump would sign it.  The Daily Stormer, on the other hand, called for a racial separation to prevent white nationalists from killing racial minorities.

 The following 15 articles about the weekend massacres in El Paso and Dayton were included in today’s newsletter from TheRighting:  

 NY Post Calls for Ban on Assault Weapons Now

NY Post

An assault weapons ban is aimed at the likes of the El Paso shooter, who coldly plotted how to kill as many as possible, as quickly as possible. Let’s make that a lot tougher for the next monster…Mr. President, do something — help America live without fear.


Trump Must Name and Condemn the Evil of White Nationalism

The Washington Examiner

You could call the killer who shot up a Walmart in El Paso evila madman, or a lone wolf, if you like. But it would be an intolerable omission if we did not also call him a white nationalist terrorist. This ideology is a growing sickness in America, and President Trump has a duty to thoroughly and roundly denounce it.


The Only Thing Trump Should Say Right Now Is "I'm Sorry"

The Bulwark

He should apologize for many things, but most of all he should say: “I’m sorry for calling people who are coming to America for a better life for their family, as so many of our ancestors did, invaders and worse. If anyone who heard these words took them to mean that these people are attacking us or are our enemies I want you to hear from me that these are human beings who deserve our love and compassion, not our hatred.”


Most Americans Have Had It with Innocent People Murdered by Maniacs

Bill O’Reilly

There is no question that Congress will introduce bills in September that limit Americans from acquiring high caliber weapons and ammo. And I think President Trump will sign something to that effect.


Confronting the Evil Ideology of White Supremacy

National Review

President Trump, a man who is comfortable using his bully pulpit for the most frivolous of reasons, should take the time to condemn these actions…Simultaneously, the president should work with Congress to devote more resources to infiltrating, tracking, and foiling nascent plots…and he should instruct the federal government to initiate an information campaign against white-supremacist violence in much the same way as it has conducted crusades against drunk driving, human trafficking, and domestic violence.


Beto Says Trump Is a White Nationalist and "Avowed Racist"

Todd Starnes

Let’s get one thing clear – the person responsible for the El Paso massacre is the evil terrorist who pulled the trigger, not the president. But the Mainstream Media does not care about the truth. They want to destroy President Trump. And they will advance a narrative built on lies to accomplish their nefarious scheme.


Let's Punish Mass Shooters, 1776-Style


Treat all mass shooters, regardless of the reason, as domestic terrorists. Then, treat all domestic terrorists like ISIS terrorists, revoke their citizenship, and ship their asses to Guantanamo Bay. And when they get there, no book reading or sitting around. From the crack of dawn until dusk, it’s chains and cracking rocks, interrupted only long enough to eat some moldy bread and gulp down some barely drinkable water.


Networks Are Silent About Alleged Dayton Shooter's Support of Liz Warren, Antifa Violence


Monday morning following horrific, deadly mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas over the weekend, as well as Gilroy, California last week, the networks were eager to pin blame on President Trump for “fueling” the violence with his “hateful rhetoric” against immigrants.


Democrat Dayton Shooter's Twitter: Push Socialism, Enact Gun Control, Slice ICE Tires, End Fascism

Big League Politics

A Twitter account belonging to Connor Betts, the alleged Dayton, Ohio shooter who shot and killed 9 and injured at least 20 more, was apparently a far leftist who condemned conservatives as “Nazis” and “fascists” who deserve to die.


Mexico Says It Will Sue the US Over El Paso Shooting


Regardless of their motive, there’s something gross about the double standard given the violent conditions in their own country. The fact that our media are reporting this uncritically is also disappointing, yet typical.


As Expected, Trump Blamed for Deadly Massacres

PJ Media

Twitter was full of all kinds of blame for Trump (and Fox News), which is strange, because after domestic terror attacks by radical Muslims, we are immediately warned not to extrapolate blame beyond the guilty party. And the manifesto explicitly says the gunman predicted the media will blame Trump even though he had held these views long before Trump came around.


There's a Common Thread Binding These Mass Murderers and It's Not Political Ideology

The American Spectator

It’s easier than admitting that the culture that they shape is spewing these monsters out at an alarming rate and something more than politics is to blame. In fact, these death-eating humans seem to be a product of a culture that is at the same time wealthier, more technologically advanced, and scientifically sophisticated while being morally lost and spiritually empty.


Kamala Fundraises Off the El Paso and Dayton Mass Shootings


Kamala Harris responded to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton by sending out an email which cited the tragedies as a reason to donate money to her presidential campaign. Harris’ campaign sent out an email with a ‘donate’ button at the bottom.


Dan Bongino Blasts Politicians Looking for Votes Amidst Tragic Mass Shooting

Fox News

Former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer Dan Bongino said Monday that politicians using mass shootings to garner political support and blame President Trump is “sick and disturbing.”


America Needs Racial Separation to Prevent White Supremacist Terrorists from Killing More Minorities

The Daily Stormer

Racial minorities in America are currently at risk of being killed by White supremacist terrorists. So in order to keep them safe, we need to separate them from White people.

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