Audience Visits to Breitbart Drop for Fifth Consecutive Month Generates 23.1 Million More Visits in March

April 10, 2018, New York, NY – Breitbart experienced its fifth consecutive month of declining audience visits to its website.   TheRighting’s exclusive analysis of SimilarWeb data found decreases in audience visits beginning last November and continuing through March 2018.  The last time Breitbart experienced a month-to-month increase was October 2017 when visits rose 16% from the previous month.  

The number of visits to Breitbart from October 2017 to March 2018 were as follows: 89,390,000 (October, 2017), 82,980,000 (November, 2017), 81,160,000 (December 2017), 78,000,000 (January, 2018), 69,640,000 (February 2018), 68,580,000 (March 2018).  

Other conservative websites have risen and fallen in that period but among leading right-wing media outlets Breitbart stands out for its five-month streak of successive losses in visits.   For instance, visits to, Infowars and The Daily Caller all rose multiple times during that five-month period. 

Breitbart still remains entrenched as the second-most visited conservative website, a position it has firmly held on to since TheRighting began tracking traffic last September.  Only outranks Breitbart.

For the month of March 2018, attracted a robust 23.1 more million visits compared to February, by far the biggest total increases in audience visits for any conservative website for the month. Altogether, generated 324,060,000 visits to remain the top conservative website.  

Leaders and Laggards Among Top 20 Conservative Websites for March 2018

(by visit percentage increase/decrease from the previous month of February 2018):


·     PJ Media (+16.45%)

·     TheBlaze (14.72%)

· (+7.69%)


·     The Washington Examiner (-18.78%)

·     The Conservative Tribune (-15.69%)

·     WND (-11.96%)

The top 5 conservative websites in total March visits are as follows:

1. (324,060,000)

2.    Breitbart (68,580,000)

3.    The Daily Caller (26,280,000)

4.    The Daily Wire (21,750,000)

5.    Infowars (19,210,000)

Three prominent mainstream media sites TheRighting tracks each month each posted healthy March-over-February increases in visits: The Washington Post (+14.05), The New York Times (+13.45%) and CNN (+11.12%).  

Among other trends TheRighting found in March:

·     Neo-Nazi traffic marches on: The Daily Stormer recorded 3,150,000 visits.  It wasn’t enough to crack the top 20 but it was more than sites such as and 

·     Sinclair’s Circa struggles to build audience: The nearly two-year-old national digital news service from Sinclair Broadcast Group posted only 1,700,000 visits for March.

·     Most social:  37.45% of visits to The Daily Wire came from social, the most of any top 20 conservative website.

·     Friendliest with Facebook:  82.74% of all visits from social to The Conservative Tribune came from Facebook, the most of any top 20 conservative website. 

Each month, TheRighting examines SimilarWeb data on dozens of prominent conservative websites that post original content. TheRighting ranks the top 20 conservative websites on the basis of total monthly visits and also provides data on whether visits have increased or decreased from the previous month.  That information is posted on the Metrics section of TheRighting’s website.  (March 2018 data available here.)

TheRighting publishes an A-Z Guide to Right-Wing Media on its website and updates it regularly.  It features descriptions about prominent right-wing media websites.