TheRighting Finds Critics of Trump’s Helsinki Remarks Among Leading Right-Wing Websites


July 17, 2018, New York, NY – Many leading right-wing websites criticized Trump’s remarks about Russian meddling in the U.S. elections, according to TheRighting’s daily analysis of conservative media websites. It was a rare display of disapproval from right-wing media outlets who are usually supportive of the President.

Among the headlines from outlets rebuking Trump:


Trump Fails Spectacularly in Helsinki

The National Review

President Trump's habit of saying whatever pops into his head is damaging America's standing in the world.


Putin Eats Trump’s Lunch in Helsinki

Fox News

President Trump seemed to lack authority, praising Putin when he should have been condemning him, and ceding opportunities to confront Putin on his most egregious actions of the past decade – including meddling in the 2016 election and the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.


Paul Ryan Reminds Trump That Russia Is Not Our Ally


Ryan also appeared critical of Trump’s friendly tone with the Russian president, urging tougher action against Putin.


Stumbling into Hellfire in Helsinki

The Washington Times

Trump arrived in Helsinki confident that he could wing it, and he couldn’t. Perhaps it was divine providence that protected America from Hillary Clinton. Trump is still considerably better than a President Clinton 2.0. But the Donald is pushing it.


Trump Showed Weakness with Putin

The Wall Street Journal

By going soft on Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump will paradoxically find it even harder to make deals with the Russian. Republicans and Democrats will unite in Congress, as they should, to limit his diplomatic running room.


Trump's Failure at Putin Summit Will Come Back to Haunt Him

The NY Post

President Trump had a real opportunity to forge a new relationship with Russia by projecting strength and commanding respect. He failed to do so.


Despite Botched Summit, Trump Administration Still Pressuring Russia

The Federalist

Although Trump’s incredible statements at the press conference were irresponsible, naïve, and even dangerous, they do not reflect current U.S. policy toward Russia. And that’s a very good thing.


The Problem Isn't Russian Collusion. It's Trump's Massive Ego

The Daily Wire

Ben Shapiro: On Monday, President Trump proved once again that when it comes to his rhetoric, at least, ego trumps good sense...Trump’s language undermined our foreign policy and our national security.


Trump's Helsinki Conflict


Trump has a strange ability to abstract himself from his own administration that he often comments on as if he's a pundit with no responsibility for it. In Helsinki, he talked about the United States the same way, as an entity he stands apart from and critiques accordingly. The result was dismaying...


Support for Trumps remarks in Helsinki came from several right-wing commentators and websites including Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan and Townhall.