, Breitbart and Infowars Top All US Conservative Websites in October Visits, According to Exclusive Analysis by TheRighting

Infowars Posts Steepest Increase in Month-to-Month Visits

November 9, 2017, New York, NY – had the most visits of US conservative websites for the month of October, according to an exclusive analysis of data available from SimilarWeb.  According to TheRighting’s analysis, the site registered 10.1 million more visitors in October than the previous month, a gain of 4%.

The top 5 conservative websites in total visits during this period are as follows:

1. (330,070,000)

2.     Breitbart (89,390,000)

3.     Infowars (31,980,000)

4.     The Daily Caller (31,810,000)

5.     TheBlaze (25,470,000)

Each month, TheRighting examines SimilarWeb data on prominent conservative websites that post original content.  TheRighting ranks the conservative websites on the basis of total monthly visits and also provides data on whether visits have increased or decreased from the previous month.  That information is posted on the Metrics section of TheRighting’s website (October data available here). 

Of the 25 websites TheRighting studied in October, 19 showed September-to-October visit increases of at least 10%.  Infowars, with 16,420,000 more visitors compared to September 2017, generated the largest percentage visit increase (106%), followed by (84%) and One America News Network (61%).

“The strong growth numbers for conservative websites suggest that the deeply unsettling news events in October helped draw larger audiences to these sites in search of the latest developments, bulletins and analysis,” said Howard Polskin, President and Chief Curator, TheRighting.  “These events included the Las Vegas massacre on October 1 and the terrorist incident in lower Manhattan on October 30.” 

Five conservative websites ranked among the top 1000 of all US websites in October on the basis of visits: (#39), Breitbart (#231), The Daily Caller (#677), TheBlaze (#818) and Infowars (#841),

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