The Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer Generates

More Traffic Than Many News Outlets Serving Large Cities

Daily Stormer chart.png

By HOWARD POLSKIN, March 20, 2019

 In the aftermath of the horrific New Zealand mosque massacres, the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer published a disturbing article with this sickening headline: “If You Were Unfazed Watching Brenton Tarrant Take Revenge, You’re Not Evil – You’re Normal.”

 Revulsion is the only appropriate response.  But don’t dismiss The Daily Stormer as an infrequently visited outpost of the lunatic right tucked away in a dark corner of the Internet.  The Daily Stormer has a healthy audience, one that rivals the traffic generated by respectable mid-market newspapers and other news outlets that influence and inform the communities they serve.

 To give readers a sense of The Daily Stormer’s footprint, I researched the traffic to the websites of ten random news outlets and magazines to see how they compared.  The results were chilling, as evidenced by the chart I’ve put together (above).  The Daily Stormer generates enough monthly visits to sustain a substantial digital news operation serving a large metropolitan area.  It’s no wonder The Atlantic called The Daily Stormer “the world’s biggest Neo-Nazi website” in this 2017 article

 What’s even more startling is the stickiness of the website.  The average time per visit is 6.37 minutes, a huge accomplishment for any mainstream website, but an ominous data point about the twisted passions of The Daily Stormer’s readers. 

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